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Rhythm Converted presents: Tom Hades – Dance With Me Baby EP

Rhythm Converted presents RC091: Tom Hades – Dance With Me Baby EP EP

Tom Hades is back with Rhythm Converted’s 91st release entitled Dance With Me Baby. The EP encapsulates both sides of Tom as an artist by incorporating soulful vocals stabs in each groovy track without ever losing grip on the pulsing techno vibe we have come to expect from Mr. Hades himself.

It’s 1am, you want to change the vibe of the night and bring the crowd a little deeper into the rhythmic cadence of Techno’s embrace but you need a little lighthearted flare. This is what the first track, Dance With Me Baby, will do for you. Certain parts may get the crowd undulating into a sexy march as the kick is steady and sure and holds nothing back the entire length of the track. But at first listen, where you think you are going, is just an illusion. Tom folds in the thick, round bass perfectly when the synths and vocals have taken the listener on a tangent of their own. By about 4 minutes in, be prepared for a primal frenzy on the dance floor when short vocal stabs here and there keep the groove going but the real depth is in the kick for this one.

Oh Baby is next up, nicely complimenting Dance With Me Baby. As the title well suggests, listeners can be prepared for hot vintage sounding female vocals met with a tribal percussion turned stylish drum rolls. The waves of ‘mmms’ and ‘oh baby’ make the listener feel like they’re being spoken to, like they’re doing something right while the percussion and bass keep it rolling heavily along. What is really interesting about this track is there are two separate kick patterns that give off two very different vibes but they’re mixed together with tender loving care alongside a vocal from a seemingly different era. It really feels like the emphasis is on the ‘big band’ sound with focus on the drums, cymbals, and synths definitely take the background in Oh Baby as the vocals itself is used as a modulated synth in itself.

Supported by: Joseph Capriati, Cristian Varela, Pig&Dan, Marco Bailey, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, Misstress Barbara, Luigi Madonna, Enrico Sangiuliano, Secret Cinema, Sasha Carassi AND MANY MORE…

Words by Amber Long

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