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Rhythm Converted presents: Tom Hades – Yeeahh EP

Rhythm Converted is pleased to present: Tom Hades – Yeeahh EP

Tom Hades is back with another one of his chugging Techno tracks that his music is well known for.
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Rhythm Converted presents: Dany Rodriguez – Lune EP

Rhythm Converted is pleased to present the Lune EP by Dany Rodriguez

The Lune EP is the second release by Dany Rodriquez on Rhythm Converted.
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Tom Hades – Sparkles EP on Pig & Dan’s ELEVATE

Pig & Dan present: Tom Hades – Sparkles EP on ELEVATE

We are really happy to announce Tom’s first EP on Pig & Dan their imprint ELEVATE.
Pig & Dan’s ELEVATE label is climbing up to the techno music top, just as the two guys behind it! With previous releases by Kane Roth, Dema,  Jay Tripwire and Pig & Dan themselves Tom Hades is added to the family.

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